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Nova Scotia, a painter's paradise

In October 2018, I was thrilled to be in Nova Scotia for a week with a group of artists. I had long wanted to go to this place and it did not disappoint. I traveled as light as I could with art supplies, taking only two small watercolor journals, a couple mechanical pencils, 2-3 Micron pens and about that many brushes. My pallet was 12 half pans of QOR colors from Golden in a very small, very portable pallet box. I was able to paint once in Lunenburg (this photo) and once in Baddeck, both along the waterfront. There is no shortage of things to paint, only a shortage of time in which to paint them! The QOR colors were the perfect paint for this wonderful place full of primary colors and brilliant skies. The Lunenburg dock offered brilliantly painted tables and Adirondack chairs so the experience was just perfect.

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